About Us

Simply Air Family

Simply Air started off as a idea after the devastating wildfires of Northern California in 2017.  The air quality was so terrible for such a long time, it made everyday activities impossible.  There was a sever shortage of face masks nation wide and we had no way to get our family breathing safely.  

So we decided to start Simply Air.  An American based company with a local Northern California warehouse where we could start producing our own air masks for the world.  

In a world dealing with so many climate related issues, viruses, and air quality issues, we wanted to make air pure and simple again.  We provide the highest grade face masks we can, so you and your family can breath simply.

*UPDATE* 3-17-2020

Due to the Shelter Order in place in San Francisco, we have been forced to move our operations down to Los Angeles to be able to still fulfill orders during quarantine safely.  We do not expect any delays, all orders are still being processed and shipped out everyday.

It is our goal at Simply Air to help out as much as we can during this pandemic.  We are committing to donating a N95 mask in the Los Angeles area, for every mask sold.  We’re all in this together. -Team Simply Air

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