Simply Air Mask Kids 1.0 (3-pack)

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*It is our goal at Simply Air to help out as much as we can during this pandemic.  We are committing to donating a N95 mask in the Los Angeles area, for every mask sold.  We’re all in this together. -Team Simply Air



By combining medical grade PM2.5 foam filter technology with timeless European design, the Simply Air Mask Kids 1.0 offers incredible performance and comfort to combat harmful particles in our everyday air.  The Simply Air Mask Kids is reusable and washable.

Due to the breakout of the Coronavirus, ensuring health and safety in daily life has become a top priority for millions of people all around the globe.  Besides the Coronavirus, the Simply Air Mask Kids 1.0 can help protect you from dust, other air pollutants, pollen, allergens, wildfire smoke, cigarettes, and vehicle exhaust.


The Simply Air Mask Kids 1.0 protects from bacteria and pollution that are impossible to see with the naked eyes.  Cutting edge materials provide a superior level of protection over the paper masks.

The filter’s innovative, double stereoscopic filter layer protection technology provides much cleaner air when used properly . With its lightweight fiber material, the filter adapts to the face and feels soft on the skin, providing 360 degree full coverage.

Improving your life quality with a simple step, the Simply Air Mask Kids 1.0 is an investment that will improve your air quality and benefit your health everyday.


The Simply Air Mask Kids is constructed with a polyurethane design mesh, which is breathable and quick-drying.  The soft material allows for comfort during all seasons.

The Simply Air Mask Kids 1.0’s comfortable elastic loops provide a perfect fit and help maintain the integrity of the mask over  time.  Mask can be neatly folded to fit in your pocket.


The Simply Air Mask Kids 1.0 can be washed to keep clean and sanitized.  Washable with soap and water for repeated use.


  • Dust and other air pollutants
  • Pollen and other allergens
  • Wildfire smoke & cigarettes
  • Vehicle exhaust
  • UPF 50+ protection


  • 3 Simply Air Mask Kids 1.0





7 reviews for Simply Air Mask Kids 1.0 (3-pack)

  1. Michelle Hartzman

    I got these because I thought they would be cute for dress-up for the kids. They are really cute and made well.

  2. Wendy Ogle

    Great reusable masks. I got these for my granddaughter who’s 10 and they fit perfectly.

  3. Christina Mcdonald

    These masks are great. My kiddo wears a mask every time we are out and about. He was tired of using the paper one because they were itchy now when he wears these ones no complaints. I’m a happy mama

  4. Amber O’Dell

    These are great! I have a new baby and all the younger nieces, nephews siblings seems like have the sniffles or just got over being sick so i ask them to wear this mask around baby and they love to!! Helps make a tough situation easier!

  5. Ruthie Loam

    Glad there’s 3, since my son loses misplaces sometimes, high quality and durable, my son loves them.

  6. Sarah Thomas

    Daughter loves the cute colors, will be buying more for my nieces. Fast delivery!

  7. Robbin Hall

    I was worried about my son traveling on the subway, they arrived super fast, seem to help a lot.

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